TechMinsk Program

Week 1. Orientation, Ideation, Design Thinking, Research and Customer Development

Feb 21, 2017

18:00 Opening speech. TechMinsk Presentation
18:15  Opening Remarks
18:20 Startup Culture or Growth Challenge
19:00 Orientation Session

Feb 22, 2017

18:00 Design Thinking. Part 1
20:00 Homework: Interview your customers

Feb 23, 2017

18:00 Design Thinking. Second Part. Prototyping
19:00 Lean Canvas Modeling.Vision and Ideas. How to Get Startup Ideas. Nastia Khamiankova, Co-founder BELBIZ/IMAGURU
20:00 Homework: Lean Canvas Modeling

Week 2. Sales, Traction and New Markets


Feb 27, 2017

18:00 Entering New Markets Strategies Max Gurvits, CEE, CIS, and MENA @ Cross Border Angels
19:30 Mentorship Session Max Gurvits, CEE, CIS, and MENA @ Cross Border Angels


Feb 28, 2017

19:00 Marketing with Zero Budget. Ken Raetz, founder @ Think Data Insights, LLC
20:30 Mentorship Session Ken Raetz, founder @ Think Data Insights, LLC

Sales and Traction BootCamp

Mar 3, 2017

18:00 Digital Sales. Dan Toma, Product Team Coach @ Bosch
19:00 How to build B2B Sales. Mikita Mikado, Cofounder @ PanadaDoc

20:00 Mentoring Session.

Mar 4, 2017

11:00 How to Design Sales Funnel. Dan Toma, Product Team Coach @ Bosch
12:30 How to Implement Sales Processes / Sales Team. JB  Daguene, Practica Capital
14:30 Break for networking
15:00 Startup Metrics and Analytics. Max Kamenkov, SplitMetrics
17:30 Creating Sales Action Plan. JB  Daguene, Practica Capital

Week 3. Product Development, Revenue models, Startup Legal, Hiring

Mar 9, 2017

18:00 Product Development Cycle. Sergey Pronin, App in the Air
19:00 Mentoring Session
20:00 Growth Hacking. Bayram Annakov, App in the Air

Mar 10, 2017

17:00 Research and Customer Development. Test your ideas with research. Nastia Khamiankova, Co-founder BELBIZ/IMAGURU

18:00 Create Your Startup Growth Plan Nastia Khamiankova, Co-founder BELBIZ/IMAGURU 

Week 5. Pitching, Presentation and Publicity, Graduation

Mar 21, 2017

18:00 Ideal Pitch. Pitch Session
19:00 Pitch Training

Mar 22, 2017

18:00 Pitch Training

Mar 24, 2017

16:00 Demo Day

Week 4. VC & Fundraising, Talking to Investors, Presentation Skills

Mar 13, 2017

18:00 Negotiating investors. Nastia Khamiankova, COO @ Belbiz Group
19:00 Questions you need to ask your investor. Nastia Khamiankova, COO @ Belbiz Group

Mar 14, 2017

18:00 Venture Capital for Startups Overview. Tania Marinich, CEO @ Belbiz Group
19:00 Startup Valuation. Tania Marinich, CEO @ Belbiz Group

Mar 16, 2017

18:00 Legal Issues for Startups, Aleksei Mikhailov, Arzinger & Partners International Law Firm
19:00 Intellectual Properties for Startups, Klim Stashevsky, Arzinger & Partners International Law Firm
19:40 Mentoring sessions



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